Saturday 21 November 2015

Live Lagom with IKEA

With an absolute thrill I was invited to take part in the Ikea Live Lagom project to help my life and home more sustainable.

More sustainable ? I recycle, I reuse glass jars, I donate my unwanted clothes to the charity shop...honestly, what more can I do ? Move to the forest, eat berries and never wash. So in order to help my planet and educate my daughters we need to be cold, dirty and hungry...

...but Lagom isn't about sacrificing your creature comforts, Living Lagom is about having what you need but no more, so I can enjoy a hot shower as long as it isn't half an hour long, I can even have a guilt-free bath, just not every day (i'd be too wrinkly anyway).

And this is what the project is all about...educating, and understanding that we can all contribute more (or less) to the state of the planet whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle AND a tidy, stylish home.

Excitingly for me,  I am in the position of having recently moved into my new home. This is a great chance for me to put in place some simple ideas that will complement my lifestyle, whilst I can continue to look after the planet, and get my children involved so that for them being sustainable isn't a 'thing", it just is.

Armed with my Hidden Gems brochure I now have the opportunity to select £500 worth of products that can help implement this brain is overloading with ideas.

Should I redo the kitchen, changing drawer space, work surface and recycling areas - tick, should I put up honeycomb blinds against each window - tick, should I switch all lightbulbs to LED - tick, should I create a garden to grow my own herbs and vegetables - tick, should I create a dedicated "scraps" place which the children to go to for playful inspiration - tick. I have the Lagom (hubbub and IKEA) team visiting my home on Tuesday and we will work together to make a plan !

For me, the idea of quietly helping the planet is the most important. Amazing that it might be able to save me money too but that isn't my focus.

I want to keep the world beautiful...

Monday 2 November 2015

I know what I did last summer...

I'm back...the house is in chaos, but I'm enjoying it so much I realise I was stagnant, stuck still, with no where to expand I feel endless, with possibilities round every corner. I'm's what we did over the summer. Enjoy...