Monday, 18 May 2015

Gen 2.0 sx70

We went away, and I took a pack of the Gen 2.0 sx70 film with me...I was very excited to shoot this new film and was looking forward to the results. However, I was a little disappointed. OK, I did shoot on a cold day and perhaps should have been more considerate of this (the later photos when the sun came out certainly had more snap to them) as the images I took really were rather flat. The first couple of pictures I took had the usual "green" hue to them. It also seemed that the film was reacting differently in the same conditions, with under and over exposed images.

On the positive, when the sun did come out the film picked out the blue sky brilliantly, the reds and yellows in the flowers were clear, and the pink of my daughters jacket shining even in the cloud.
The details in the images are much sharper too.

I was frustrated also, when I noticed the chemicals leaking slightly on the back of the film. This has happened to me for a while !

The film is wonderful if you shoot in bright, clear conditions. But that has always been the case. If I'm honest, I don't see much difference from the previous film...

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