Tuesday 24 May 2016


The final word

With the rain spattering on the window, the whipping wind and the high teen temperatures we can be
sure...summer is here. This also means that the Live LAGOM project is drawing to a close...just over six months of making changes in and outside my home to live more sustainably.

So have I achieved this ? 
To be honest, I feel like the journey is only just beginning. There was so much to take in, so many great ideas and suggestions that I feel like I've got a life times worth of projects to try out. Both from the official IKEA workshops and Live LAGOM blog and from all the other participants. Such an enthusiasm for new ways of being sustainable that I often feel only half hearted in my efforts. But I feel like I'm chasing my tail 90% of the time with everything I do ! 

What has really worked ?
I can fully champion my recycling boxes in the kitchen...these have reduced my rubbish and tidied up my kitchen no end. The storage jars have decreased my stock piled cupboards, but have also meant that little hands get tempted and know where to find the sugar ! My electricity bills continue to get cheaper and I can thank the LED light bulbs, and lamp lighting for this. And my home is much more green thanks to plant pots and hanging baskets. 

What has been my biggest stumbling block ? 

To be totally honest I would say fear. I'm yet to use my pressure cooker because I'm terrified of it...surely that amount of hot pressurised steam can only result in disaster ?! I keep telling myself not to be stupid but it remains. 
I've also struggled with growing the herbs, I managed to destroy the first two lots I tried to grow, so again became afraid of planting the tomato and pepper kits. I overcame this by getting the kids involved. We did it together and it became a lot less scary ! Perseverance is key right ?!

There have been some practical setbacks too. My bathroom lights are still waiting on an electrician, my outdoor bench is waiting to be screwed into the wall. It would have been great if there had been someone at the store we could have booked to come round and help with such things... this would have really got me further down the line than I am now...

...that said I have REALLY enjoyed the workshops and chance to chat to other people taking part in the project. In particular my last worksop where I used a sewing machine for the first time and am now proud owner of my self made peg bag. My daughter was so proud of me ! 

And to the future ? 
I will definitely be continuing on my journey, and hopefully updating the IKEA team as I discover things. I would love the project to continue for another six months so that it lasts a full year. I will be getting lights fixed, my indoor drying rack up and ready for indoor drying in the winter, my herbs tended to, and hopefully some tomatoes to eat come the end of summer ! I also intend to switch over the rest of my lightbulbs as and when they need it and make some thick curtains for my front room.

Thanks IKEA, for opening my eyes and allowing me to try certain things that I may have shied away from due to lack of knowledge...and for giving me loads of cool new stuff ! I will be recommending the project highly. 

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