Thursday 12 May 2016

Somewhere in on a farm in Wiltshire...

Last Saturday saw me and some other carefully selected ladies frolicking merrily in a field. We were there to see the fantastic next venture from Sadie Spikes, owner of the famous The Boutique Arthouse guesthouse on Fishponds Road, Bristol.

Sadie has, over the last three years, lovingly bought, restored and nurtured three old circus caravans back to a happy, healthy life. And now they are ready to welcome their first visitors.

Named after Sadie and her husbands' grandparents... Sid, Dot and Iris all have personalities of their own. Ranging from dark wood, to kitsch coverings and pretty crockery each caravan is kitted out with cooking facilities and beautiful wood burners. Sleeping two comfortably per caravan, the site is perfect for a booking of six.

We were there to give the place a test run, not only the caravans but also the magical dressing up room (set up in a horse box) that stocks ballgowns of varying shapes, sizes and styles (all bought from a Bristol charity shops) but also a range of body glitter, paint, accessories and more. It is a place to let your inhibitions loose and your imagination run wild. It felt like we were in a happy dream all day...dancing through flower filled fields in posh frocks !

The toilets (two) and the bath (a proper free standing beauty, once stationed in Billy Connelly's house) are also in their own horse boxes. You could bath with the door open looking out on the surrounding countryside...

It is the little touches that really make this place special... each caravan has been decorated with flowers, there are sweet jars filled with favourites in the back of the Merc that is permenantly parked there, the curtains are made from blankets, the door handles have been specifically sourced... this is a real labour of oozes style.

What the final idea is for the retreat is left to Sadie... talk of it being a women's only place, where no phones are allowed are top of the list and when you step away you can see why this idea is probably the one that will work. A break from all and every stress of modern life, where women look each after, laugh, cook, dance, dress up and relax. I left having done all of these and slept VERY well that night...

For more information contact Sadie via the website

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